Year 2015-2016

Year 1/2, Miss Dembovskis

Year 4/5, Mr Gosling

Egyptian day photos:

Viking Helmets

 Vikings Day at the Collection


Year 5, Mrs Kendall – Piperissa

Tremendous trip to Ampleforth, Summer 2016


Year 5 have been growing herbs and hope to use some of them during Healthy Schools Week.

 Year 5_MrsKendall_2015_2016_Garden_2  Year 5_MrsKendall_2015_2016_Garden_1
 Year 5_MrsKendall_2015_2016_Garden_3
 Year 5_MrsKendall_2015_2016_Garden_4  Year 5_MrsKendall_2015_2016_Garden_5

Our Fairground rides:

2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_1 2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_2 2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_3 2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_4
 2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_5  2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_6  2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_7  2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_8
 2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_9  2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_10  2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_11  2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_12
 2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_13  2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_14  2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_15  2015_2016_Y5_Mrs Kendall_Fairground Rides_16

We learnt to speak Chinese and write numbers to 5.

We practiced using chopsticks.

We celebrated Chinese New Yeaar with Spring rolls and noodles!

 Year 5_Mrs Kendall_ Chinese New Year_2015_2016_8  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_ Chinese New Year_2015_2016_7  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_ Chinese New Year_2015_2016_1
 Year 5_Mrs Kendall_ Chinese New Year_2015_2016_6  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_ Chinese New Year_2015_2016_3  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_ Chinese New Year_2015_2016_4
 Year 5_Mrs Kendall_ Chinese New Year_2015_2016_9  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_ Chinese New Year_2015_2016_5  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_ Chinese New Year_2015_2016_2

Our Willow Patterns Designs:

Year 5_Mrs Kendall_Willow Pattern Display 2015_2016_

Year 5 went to the BFI in London to watch the movies they have been making on the big screen!

 Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_1  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_3  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_17
 Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_6  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_7  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_11
 Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_16  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_24  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_28
 Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_31  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_22  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_36
 Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_37  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_18  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_MyHeritageAwards_London_2105_2016_22

Our trip to St.Barnabas charity to show our support in the Year of Mercy:

 Year 5_Mrs Kendall_Trip to St Barnabas_2105_2016_2  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_Trip to St Barnabas_2105_2016_10  Year 5_Mrs Kendall_Trip to St Barnabas_2105_2016_13

Year 5 baked excellent biscuits and also enjoyed tasting and sharing descriptions of manufactured ones.

Our visit to the Victorian


Year 6, Miss Blood/Miss Noor

Construction Day Ice skating
Moving vehicles Bikability

Year 6 enjoyed their trip to the Hill Holt Wood,

bringing an Oak tree back as a present, so children can plant it

in our grounds!

Year 6 visited the Aviation Heritage Centre:

And Newark Air Museum:

Year 6, Jamboree Day: