School Profile & Ofsted

School Profile      

Mission Statement

Our school primarily aims to develop the whole child within a Christian community of prayer and worship inspired by Gospel values and Catholic tradition.

We have a distinct educational philosophy with the spirit of Christ permeating all aspects of school life, promoting care and consideration for everyone.

We look for opportunities across the curriculum to deepen our pupils wonder and delight in God’s creation and to celebrate that awareness in prayer, song and action.

We see ourselves as having a clear duty to develop the intellectual, physical and spiritual potential of our pupils in partnership with the home, school and parish.  The development of faith and faith knowledge are our foundation stones.  In this way we aim to create a living Catholic Christian community.

OfstedOfsted Reports

Latest Inspection – 26-27 February 2013, please, click on the OFSTED logo for the full report.

Overall effectiveness of the school:      Outstanding 1

Report Key Stage2

This is an outstanding school.

 Pupils make outstanding progress. From starting points which are in line with those expected for their age, they reach standards in English and mathematics at the end of Year 6 which are well above those found nationally.

 Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. Pupils work very well together and show high levels of respect for each other and the adults that work in school. Pupils are very polite, have impeccable manners and make the school a very inviting and safe place where all are welcome.

 Teaching is outstanding. Teachers have high expectations of pupils. They motivate them to learn through well planned and highly stimulating activities.

Pupils enjoy school very much. They work together in lessons in a highly mature and sensible manner. They have a clear understanding of how to keep themselves safe.

 Leaders are ambitious. They are constantly pushing for further improvement. They monitor the quality of teaching and pupil progress very carefully. They provide well focused training for staff and high quality support for pupils.

The rigour with which the quality of teaching and pupils’ progress are monitored ensures that, pupils make outstanding progress throughout the school. The senior leaders’ extremely high expectations are shared by all staff.

 The school promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development extremely well. Pupils enjoy a wide variety of activities. Staff and pupils express pride in the school’s very caring ethos.

 Pupils have a very many opportunities to take on responsibilities and serve their community. They are being exceptionally well prepared for a future in the modern world.

 The governing body is well-organised and very effective. It uses information provided by the senior leaders to hold the school to account for pupils’ achievement and well-being.